Call me Seb :) 
If there is interest in collaboration, please get in contact with me !!​​​​​​​
My connection with my Chinese heritage is incredibly complicated. For a long time, I yearned for an appropriate means of connection between Chinese culture and my identity.  I was unsure of how to embrace this side of myself, but I still adopted the medium of ink on paper on a whim. In acceptance of the medium, I experienced acknowledgement of my Chinese roots without feeling a need to conform to either Western or Eastern techniques.  I began to feel an affinity towards the medium; ink’s appearance is immediately Chinese, though through closer examination, the line-work, color, and composition tell a story that is not of either nation. 
When I think of my work, I think of my interaction with the medium.  Personal experimentation with the medium lead to innovation as I found opportunities in the paper material itself.  Approaching the material, it appeared to welcome my experimenting as I felt a freedom in cutting up the paper, printing with it, gluing pieces together to create collage, and thinking of the paper as a sculptural object.  The pursuit for innovation is the positive result of my painful experience of diaspora.
As my work enters the public sphere it becomes an extension of myself.  Given my belief in the strength of vulnerability, my work’s interaction with viewers is meant to be a method of healing for viewers and for myself.  
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